Chinese President Xi Jinping (Image: Li Gang/Xinhua via AP)

China is an authoritarian state, which appears bent on creating a system of steady totalitarian control lasting decades, if not longer. It is bent on consolidating the country that was fractured by colonialism and politics, with the eventual reincorporation of Taiwan and Hong Kong.

There is no possibility that Tibet will re-emerge as a fully independent polity. In order to stymie the least possibility of secession in Muslim Uyghur Xinjiang, it is filling the province with Han Chinese and running a system of concentration camps of unknown extent (unknown since there is so much propaganda about it).

Twenty years ago, it began extending its economic heft around the world, with loans and direct infrastructure assistance to the developing world. These have had the same effect, of extended economic dependence by said world, with the exception that the Chinese actually built roads, ports, etc, rather than simply draining such countries dry.