Craig McLachlan in a promo for an upcoming Channel 7 News special (Source: Channel 7/Twitter)

Mighty Malouf's perilous descent Literary icon David Malouf has been hanging out in Sydney and found time to speak to broadcaster Richard Glover on ABC 702. Malouf, whose first novel was published in 1975, firmly believes that authors are limited only by their imagination, telling Glover he didn’t believe in “cultural appropriation”.

Malouf is a huge fan of Shakespeare. “Are we going to say, for example, that Shakespeare should never have written A Midsummer Night's Dream because he was neither a fairy nor a mechanical? Or that Henry James should not have written The Portrait of a Lady because he wasn’t a woman?

“I believe that all a writer needs is a little glimpse and after that intuition and imagination which allows him to see all the rest. If it’s convincing, it’s true." Malouf expanded on this topic in his closing address to the Sydney Writers' Festival on Sunday night, from a temporary stage with planks for steps.