Image: Tom Red/Private Media

Are Indian-Australians guilty, in Scott Morrison's eyes, of identity politics? Of allowing themselves to be defined not as individuals but, as Morrison has put it, by their group rather than by God. Have they got lost in that group and in doing so, lost their humanity?

If not their humanity, at least, then their rights as citizens -- the right to return to their country, Australia. And their freedom, with five years in jail if they try to return to do so.

Or are they, contrarily, doing exactly what Scott Morrison wants us all to do, to be a community, to pair their rights with responsibilities to one another, to avoid what Rabbi Jonathan Sacks lamented when he complained "our rights used to be how we were protected from the state. And now, it’s what we expect from it. What we once expected from family and community, now we contract this to the state and to the market".