(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

It must make the job of governing so much easier when you can do so without a substantial proportion of the journalists who are paid to report on you ever pointing out your inconsistencies.

In recent days -- courtesy of the axeing of Victoria's ill-advised Belt and Road deal with the Chinese regime, fervent speculation about the chances of military conflict with China, the umpteenth reannouncement of the expansion of military facilities in northern Australia, and Mike Pezzullo's unsubtle declaration that He Will Return to the Defence Department -- we've yet again been reminded of the tense, and increasingly so, state of relations with China.

Unmentioned was that six years ago, the government was tripping over itself cosy up to the regime of Xi Jinping, complete with allowing that murderous dictator to defile Australian Parliament with a speech, Tony Abbott lauding Xi's commitment to a democratic China (yes, Abbott actually said this), and a trade deal. Anyone who objected to that deal was, according to Tony Abbott and his media cheerleaders, racist.