(Image: Nine)

Another Groundhog Day for the Seven Network and its programming staff. Big Brother produced another performance worthy of My Kitchen Rules and My House Rules in 2020 by averaging 791,000 nationally. It lost 90,000 viewers from Tuesday night. Not a good look. the core audience is just not all that interested.

Still, it could have been MasterChef Australia, now well into the 2021 season for Ten, with 718,000 nationally. Too late to change the staff and menu. Still it is a little higher than a couple of nights ago. And Nine’s Doctor Doctor returned for what will certainly be its final series after it was almost DOA -- 602,000 last night is a figure showing a program in terminal decline.

Nine did return Travel Guides earlier -- 975,000 nationally -- which was solid. In fact it was the lead-in for Doctor Doctor and the latter was abandoned by a third of the former’s viewers. The ABC’s Hard Quiz had 963,000, still the highest-rated quiz show. Tom Gleeson is the new Tony Barber as Australia’s question master.