(Image: Private Media)

We meet in Hobart's opulent town hall for the Australia Institute’s candidates forum for the seat of Clark. The walls are daubed with pastel portraits of baroque composers, floating above images of flower-wreathed fountains.

The focus of the event is good governance. There is much to discuss ... and insufficient time. Towards the end, the Animal Justice Party candidate notes with good natured disappointment the questions didn't have time to get to Tasmania's salmon fishing industry.

Even by Tasmania's standards, Clark's candidates list is eccentric. We have former Liberal speaker turned independent apostate Sue Hickey, plus Madeleine Ogilvie who, since 2018 has pulled the full Joe Lyons -- Labor to independent to Liberal candidate. Clark is also the site of the Ben McGregor saga, the Labor candidate who resigned after old "inappropriate texts" surfaced, arguing he'd been offed by his own side. Neither Ogilvie nor Attorney-General Elise Archer show up for the forum.