Chevron's Gorgon carbon storage facility in Western Australia (Image: Chevron Australia)

When you're a climate denialist politician, or one addicted to the money handed to you by fossil-fuel companies -- or as Scott Morrison is, both -- you need to pretend to be doing something about climate change. Complete inaction is not politically acceptable. Even John Howard knew that 20 years ago.

That pretence must certainly not threaten the interests of your donors -- that's a given. But ideally it should even serve as a way to channel taxpayer money to those donors.

The Coalition's preferred mechanism for this is to insist technology will solve climate change, as long as its donors are given money to invest in that technology. The "technology" ranges from the magical -- farmers being paid for "soil carbon" despite no evidence the allegedly sequestered carbon will remain longer than the next drought or bushfire -- to technologies that work in a lab but have yet to be proven to be commercially viable, like "green hydrogen", which Morrison spruiks enthusiastically.