(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

A lot of the commentary on Scott Morrison's address to the Australian Christian Churches Conference focused on its religious dimensions. There's been less focus on the ideological nature of the speech, which was delivered without being circulated by his office, as his other speeches are, and which was ostensibly, according to Morrison, unrelated to politics.

But while we shouldn't pretend it provides some kind of unguarded moment of prime ministerial candour, it provides perhaps the best insight into Morrison's core ideology, and in that sense is one of his most important speeches. It deserves to be taken seriously and engaged with.

That core ideology is deep confusion. This is one of the most incoherent speeches delivered by an Australian leader since John Kerr at the Melbourne Cup. Morrison rambles, goes off on tangents, leaves sentences unfinished. But that might just be down to its relative off-the-cuff nature -- at one stage he has to stop because he can't find the right Bible passage to quote.