(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Problematic learning resources for school-aged children comparing sex to tacos and milkshakes -- paid for by the Department of Education, Skills and Employment -- took the bulk of funding to support respectful relationship education.

The Good Society website, which launched last week, has more than 350 videos on sexual education for foundation-level to Year 12 students. The videos have been panned for using confusing and bizarre metaphors to explain sex, validating the experience of perpetrators and ignoring the drivers of gendered violence.

In one, a young woman smears a milkshake over her boyfriend's face -- an analogy for a lack of consent -- while the male narrator questions whether the boyfriend should try to repair the relationship. In another, a young woman explains how watching porn led her to be a victim of childhood sexual abuse -- before learning that "real love is something worth fighting for". Another compares rape to eating tacos. Two videos, including the milkshake video, have since been removed following backlash.