Scott Morrison Christmas Creek mine
Scott Morrison and Twiggy Forrest jig together to 'Working Class Man'. (Image: AAP/Justin Benson-Cooper)

Way out West Look, we'll give him full marks for chutzpah on this one. Last week, Prime Minister Scott Morrison made his first visit to Western Australia for 537 days, and used it to spread one simple message: "You're welcome". Figuring that Emperor Premier Mark McGowan had plenty of popularity to share round, Morrison decided to see if he could take a little credit for WA's strong performance in keeping COVID-19 out of the state.

"We did this together, we kept WA safe together," he told 6PR radio. "I think [McGowan's] leadership was recognised there at the state election. And equally, the federal government had done more than its fair share there as well."

In response, the people of Perth gratefully booed as loudly as they could when he attended a West Coast game.