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Seven's AFL was tipped to be one-sided and it was. Shane Warne will be weeping in his beer at the 86-point flogging of his Saints by the Tigers. Nine's NRL was supposed to be one sided but it wasn’t. Penrith scraped home 20-12 after struggling to get away from the Brisbane Broncos, who played their best game of the season.

Unfortunately for both the AFL and NRL, the numbers were weak: AFL had 623,000 nationally and NRL 593,000). Gogglebox Australia (735,000) had something of a clear run for Ten. On Foxtel the NRL game (230,000) easily beat the AFL (180,000). Having Brisbane in the NRL game helped in regional areas of Queensland. Richmond and St Kilda are not strongly supported outside southern AFL states.

Now if anyone is interested, MAFS starts its wrap up Sunday night -- that’s five weeks too late. Meanwhile will the ABC finish the Vera ep that prince Phil interrupted last week? In breakfast Today’s bounce in metro markets continues as it edges closer to Sunrise -- of course, we have a national TV market and Sunrise’s big lead in the regions keeps it well in front across the country. Sunrise had 431,000 national and 256,000 metro; Today, 312,000 and 225,000; and News Breakfast, 278,000 and 174,000.