Scott Morrison climate change
Prime Minister Scott Morrison (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

That was then, this is now Prime Minister Scott Morrison at the National Press Club, February 1, 2021: "We’ve been very clear to point out where you get your information from. You don’t get it from Facebook. You get it from official government websites."

The New Daily, April 12, 2021: "Twice in two days, Morrison has used his Facebook page -- which only has 626,000 followers -- to announce vital updates to the COVID vaccination program. On Sunday night, he admitted the government had abandoned plans to set any sort of vaccination targets. Then on Monday, he went live on Facebook in a 10-minute video address that appeared to be an attempt to quell Australians’ concerns about the troublesome rollout."

IDpol A tipster has sent us through a flyer for a panel discussing whether identity politics is helping or hindering the public debate. A worthwhile, if hardly unexplored, question, posed in this case by PR company Good Talent Media. And who better to really get to the heart of whether markers of identity are useful in engaging with broader politics than a panel consisting of ABC's Caro Meldrum-Hanna, 10's Lachlan Kennedy and The Sydney Morning Herald's Angus Thompson. Three people all with, shall we say, qwhite a specific experience of intersectionality: