Premier of Western Australia Mark McGowan (Image: AAP/Richard Wainwright)

Way out west The sheer numbers of the WA election continue to boggle the mind. It now looks as though the Legalise Cannabis Party will secure two upper house seats. If you add the Daylight Savings Party, that means the upper house has more single-issue micro-parties than the lower house has Liberals.

This absurdity does double service for emperor Premier Mark McGowan. Firstly and most obviously, it makes the Liberals and the Greens (both completely wiped out -- the Greens are now reduced to a single seat) look like total berks. But the prospect of a man who received 98 primary votes and will have to move back from the US to take up his seat to campaign for one issue (as Daylight Savings MP Wilson Tucker will) gives McGowan cover to do one thing he said he wouldn't do: reform the upper house voting system.

These guys again? Why in the name of both-siderism is Q+A platforming the Australian Christian Lobby (ACL)? The group was nasty enough during the marriage equality debate, but at least it was defensible as a legal requirement of the postal survey (another winning element of that winning policy). Since then, the ACL's chief contribution to recent public debate is calling for Israel Folau's reinstatement to the NRL. The relevance of this intervention was undermined somewhat when NRL chief Peter V'Landys pointed out that no teams had applied to hire Folau. He added that the ACL might be better off trying to do something about poverty or inequality, a perfect "get a proper job" slam that we can not top.