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We asked, you answered. Crikey readers came out in force to reply to our #MeTooWhere series, providing suggestions on paths forward for Australia in the fight against sexual violence, tackling sexism in government, and arguing why, above all, we need to keep fighting.

On #MeTooWhere

Ann Donaldson writes: You asked our ideas for actions the women’s justice movement should be aiming for. Off the top of my head, I’d say these should be some of the first priorities:

  • Implement all actions from the [email protected] report
  • Implement the Uluru Statement From the Heart
  • Create sufficient stock of quality social housing so that housing becomes a right, not a wait list
  • Acknowledge women’s lifetime earning deficit with a corresponding discount on all tertiary education and bonus on superannuation
  • Implement minimum 40% management/board quotas for all public bodies, political parties and publicly owned companies
  • Pay childcare workers and aged care workers like they’re doing the most important damn job in the country, because they are, and take these sectors away from "for profit"
  • Compulsory annual consent training for each year of schooling from grade 6 to 12 and for all public bodies (including parliament) and public companies.

If any of these seem far-fetched, perhaps we should advocate for: