The controversial artwork removed from Luke Cornish's latest exhibition (Image: Luke Cornish/Supplied)

I don't know art, but I know what I don't like Running parallel to the recent Dark Mofo controversy has been the smaller but maybe no less significant saga at ANU's aMBUSH Gallery. As part of an exhibition called "Don't Shoot the Messenger" -- a commentary on "the rise of authoritarianism" -- artist Luke Cornish included various provocations. This included as an artwork with the caption: "By no means is the artist encouraging anybody to stab Rupert Murdoch in the head, merely posing the question 'If that was to happen' would the world be a better place?"

But one piece apparently went too far: it depicted Winnie the Pooh strangling Tigger on a Chinese banknote, an apparent reference to the treatment of the Uyghur minority in China. After complaints on social media, it was removed.

"We removed an artwork series from the exhibition after some feedback, the decision was based around unintended hurt caused to the Chinese community who felt the work was feeding into negative racial narratives," the gallery said.