ratings ghost train
(Image: Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire/ABC iView)

Exposed: The Ghost Train Fire recorded 737,000 national viewers on Tuesday. This third and final part of the series was the 12th most popular program for the night. A blast from the rotten 1970s and early- to mid-’80s.

Ahh, the little mates of Sydney and NSW politics, ALP affairs and powerbroking and crime: Morgan Ryan, Lionel Murphy and Neville "Nifty" Wran -- respectively Sydney solicitor to the crims, former federal attorney-general and High Court judge, and former NSW premier and their little crim mate, Abe Saffron. They were all exposed, finally, over the Luna Park ghost train fire and the murders of seven innocent people -- and of course a band of bent coppers, starting with the worst, most bent of all, former assistant commissioner Bill Allen who was promoted up the greasy pole of the NSW police force by Wran.

The reporting and digging by Caro Meldrum-Hanna and offsider Patrick Begley left Nine’s Under Investigation, the occasional Seven series on crime figures (such as Ivan Milat), and the various Underbelly musings on Nine about Melbourne’s gangland murders look like the lightweight efforts they were.