(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Yesterday Prime Minister Scott Morrison revealed Australia has a new "prime minister for women", Marise Payne -- the implication being that Morrison is by default the prime minister for men. Morrison quickly corrected himself after being challenged by journalists, calling Payne the “primary minister for women”.

Call it misspeaking, a Freudian slip or Morrison testing the waters before backtracking, but his philosophy is clear: sexism and inequality is a women’s issue, and should therefore be siloed away to be dealt with by women.

Separate but equal?

It may come as a surprise to some in the government, but women don’t exist in a vacuum. Childcare is an issue for parents, not women. Workplace sexual harassment is an issue for employees and companies, not women. Sexual violence is an issue for society, not women. As a new report shows, even women’s salaries are not only an issue for women: domestic violence risk increases by 35% when women start earning more than their partners.