married at first sight tv ratings
Married at First Sight's 'relationship experts' (Image: Nine Entertainment)

Easter is a non-ratings period, or it's supposed to be. In the past the networks sort of followed the tradition of resting shows over the Easter weekend (the ABC is resting Media Watch, Insiders, Offsiders, for example). But when you have a ratings hit, as Nine does with MAFS, non-ratings periods don’t matter -- ad dollars do.

So Nine runs MAFS until Wednesday night and wins the night and the "non-ratings" week. MAFS last night had 1.39 million national viewers, and Under Investigation had 689,000. End of night except for the ABC remaining competitive. 7.30 with 1.03 million national viewers and Australian Story with 933,000. Both programs focused on women in politics and saw high audience numbers. This is an issue that is defining the media at the moment -- MAFS is part of the problem.

So last night it was Nine, from a weak Seven, a solid ABC and a straggling Ten. Tonight it's the third and final part of the ABC expose of the 1979 Luna Park ghost train fire. Nine papers have been revisiting the story -- it has all the look of enabling them to say "See, we were onto the story back in 2007".