The totally not at all problem-plagued money pit F-35 (Image: US Navy)


A pro-coal government throws money at a new coal-fired power station. It turns into a debacle: lessons from Poland. A coal plant is killing citizens of Georgia, and the company that owns it is keen to evade responsibility. Research from Chicago shows the closure of coal-fired plants leads to a noticeable decrease in hospitalisations of kids with asthma. Coal-fired power kills hundreds of people around Delhi every year.

By next year, there will be just one coal-fired power plant left in the UK. Australia is going to be caught out by faster-than-expected Chinese action to reduce its dependence on our coal.


Why a fundamental reset, not adjustments to business as usual, is required to prevent massive dislocation from global heating. Scientists say geoengineering should be considered as a tool in climate policy (Snowpiercer fans know how that will work out). Scientists keep checking their climate models to determine if they’re accurate, and in some rare good news, it turns out some newer models that suggested apocalyptic outcomes from current scenarios, might be erring on the side of too hot.