Assistant Minister for Women Amanda Stoker (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

It was a big day for Queensland Liberal National Party Senator Amanda Stoker. After being tipped to take over serial harasser Andrew Laming's lower house seat, the conservative senator got handed a promotion to assistant minister for women and assistant minister for industrial relations.

Her new roles reflect Scott Morrison's concerted effort to look like he's promoting more women to ministerial roles. But Stoker, a rising star from the LNP's culture war right -- most recently known for a shockingly tone deaf reference to the killing of George Floyd -- has a very poor track record on gender issues. She's dismissed sexist bullying, been vocal in her opposition to transgender rights, and is a favourite of men's rights activists.

On women in politics

At a time when the Canberra bubble has sprung a leak -- laying bare the misogyny, harassment and regressive attitudes too many women in politics have to deal with -- some of Stoker's commentary seems out of touch.