Scott Morrison A Current Affair
Scott Morrison on A Current Affair (Image: ACA/Nine)

Going for his third reset in a week and his second in a day, the prime minister fronted A Current Affair last night. The appearance dispatches the fantasies of a number of press gallery journalists and Coalition MPs that all this women stuff is confined to voting demographics hostile to Scott Morrison and thus irrelevant.

By the end of his sit-down with Tracy Grimshaw, Morrison had still not extricated himself from his cover-ups, evasions, deceits and relentless efforts to politically manage the explosion of issues that has smashed him and his government.

After the catastrophe of Tuesday's attempted reset -- in which Morrison lost control and lashed out at his chief backer, News Corp -- he tried again on Thursday morning in an interview with Sabra Lane. But his obsession with political management prevented him from making any headway.