Janet Yellen, Deb Haaland and Pete Buttigieg (Images: AP, Wikimedia, Flickr)

Two months into the new presidency, the Biden train is gathering steam. Two-and-a-half million COVID-19 vaccine jabs are being administered daily. Relief payments are landing in Americans' bank accounts. State and local governments are dusting off their budget wish lists in advance of a federal funding windfall.

Next stop is a $3 trillion package to overhaul the nation's crumbling infrastructure. Plus the most expansive electoral reforms in more than half a century.

While President Biden captures the spotlight for these initiatives, he knows better than most that an administration is only as good as the people who run it, and that the United States government is far too extensive to be ruled by fiat from the Oval Office. It's why he vowed to nominate the most diverse cabinet in American history. And he has delivered on his pledge.