Brittany Higgins
Former staffer Brittany Higgins interviewed on The Project (Image: Channel 10)

If Goebbels was right and the “big lie” is the pathway to domination for authoritarian governments, then it is the small lie that is likely to bring them down. The story of the “security breach” in the Brittany Higgins case is one such lie.

Brittany Higgins was allegedly raped in Defence Minister Linda Reynolds’ office on the night of March 22, 2019. She went public with her story on February 15, 2021 -- the same day that Scott Morrison has maintained he first learned anything about it.

On February 16, Reynolds fronted Senate estimates and stated that the alleged rapist, a staffer in her office like Higgins, “was terminated shortly after this incident occurred [in fact, the following day] and it was for a security breach”.