Blood dark mofo
The Dark Mofo ad campaign (Image: Dark Mofo)

Given that David Walsh, founder of MONA and Dark Mofo, made his fortune off gambling, it might have been worth taking a bet on when his festival of transgression would eventually really land itself in it. The "we want your blood" controversy currently engulfing Dark Mofo would appear to be it.

The festival -- which takes over Hobart for a couple of weeks, usually in the winter -- advertised with a raw red poster and alert for Indigenous people to donate their blood so that it could be soaked into a Union Jack.

Artist Santiago Sierra described it as a comment on colonialism, presumably the horrors thereof. Indigenous and other artists disagreed, to put it mildly, and more than a hundred participants signed a petition demanding not only the artwork's cancellation, but that Walsh's MONA complex thoroughly reform its curatorial practices, have all staff and management undergo cultural awareness training, and various other reparations.