The 2011 tsunami in Japan (Image: WikiCommons)


A personal account of living through March 11 and its aftermath. Ten years of recovery and rebuilding haven’t helped in many devastated areas, and most particularly Fukushima. The Fukushima disaster produced a new type of radioactive fallout. How Fukushima wrecked nuclear power in the west. Its terrible economics haven’t helped either — and the much-hyped “small modular reactors” that are supposed to save the industry won’t be available until the 2030s at the earliest.


The world will lack the political will to prevent dramatic climate change. How will it reshape trade, politics and infrastructure? Electric cars aren’t the panacea the Musks of the world claim they are, but entrench the worst decisions of the 20th century.

How we think about gender affects how we think about climate change (and not for the better). No advocate of carbon capture and storage — that includes the denialists of the Morrison government — has reckoned with the scale needed if carbon capture and storage is to make a difference on climate.