Christian Porter class action lawsuits
Attorney-General Christian Porter (Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

For Christian Porter, life has always been about privilege, about being at home inside public institutions while enjoying their benefits, about having your cake and eating it.

The party boy law student with eyes on high political office. The twice-married man who confessed, if not to carrying on affairs with staffers, then being a poor husband. Now, the attorney-general who wants to use his own courts to sue the ABC.

At least to his credit, Porter doesn't hide his cynicism. Representing him in his action against the ABC will be Bret Walker SC, one of Australia's most eminent barristers and the former Independent National Security Legislation Monitor -- though just three months ago Porter refused to let Walker join Bernard Collaery's defence team, claiming Walker didn't have the right security credentials, as part of a long-running effort by Porter to drag out that trial as long as possible.