Defeated WA Liberal Party leader Zak Kirkup (AAP Image/Richard Wainwright)

The Libs need a WA-mbulance The Western Australian election confounded everyone. It was the first election in recent memory to go more or less exactly as the pollsters predicted: a legitimate massacre.

Let's look over a few stats:

  • It is comfortably the biggest wipeout in state or federal politics in the 70 years we've had a stable two-party system in Australia
  • The WA Nationals, with four seats to the Liberals' two, will be the official opposition -- just as its predecessor the Country Party was between 1933 and 1947
  • Labor are also likely to have a majority in the upper house. Can you imagine what the Parliament would look like if it weren't for malapportionment?
  • And, Crikey's favourite: as it stands, thanks to representatives Baker, O'Malley and Munday, Labor has a bigger caucus of Lisas than the Liberals have MPs.

It should be easier than ever to figure out what the WA Liberal Party represents now that the entire party can get to Parliament on a single tandem bicycle. Former journalist (her website doesn't mention that it was with the ABC) Libby Mettam and former WA Liberal Party president David Honey will presumably rock paper scissors for the leadership. Loser has to lead the party.