(Image: AAP/Lukas Coch)

Fuck the patriarchy Simple. Aggressive. To the point.

Hey Siri, what’s justice? A photo of Scott Morrison scrolling on his phone taken when shadow minister for women Tanya Plibersek was speaking. Jen wasn’t in Parliament to provide advice that day, so Siri would have to do. 

Ditch the dicks A lot of women in Canberra today weren’t just screaming for 50/50 representation in Parliament but for women to take over entirely. I’m all for it.

I want politicians who don’t rape women You would think this wouldn’t be so hard. 

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We are the vaccine for patriarchy Let’s hope this rollout goes better than the Morrison government’s COVID-19 one.

Hanging dicks A picture is worth 1000 words.

I’m 12 and already sick of this shit An absolute eye-opener when children have had enough of rape culture in the short amount of time they’ve spent on this floating rock.

C**ty shit fuckery Bold. Understated. Nonsensical, but also gets the point across. 

What does Jenny say? She’d likely remind her husband that women are people. What a revelation.

I’m female, I’m angry and I vote Judging by the latest pools, it seems our government forgot about a crucial voting bloc in this country.

Nah, fuck this shit You can tell I have a preference for the simple, sweary signs. 

Be thankful we only want equality not payback A subtle threat. Hear us roar. 

Why does every woman know another woman that was raped but no man knows a rapist? As survivor and advocate Saxon Mullins said at the march today, rapists hide in plain sight. “Where are the perpetrators? They are your friends. They are your workmates … stop protecting them.” 

Off with their heads A call for political resignations, and also a dick joke. Two birds, one stone.

Still protesting this shit. Ffs, it’s 1911 2021 There have been a lot of movements and marches for women’s rights but even after a century of fighting, not enough has been done. 

Boys will be boys held accountable for their actions. Still not asking for it. He needs a mirror A group of young women yelling for their rights and screaming for women to stop being blamed for men’s actions.