Sunrise co-host ideas
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As viewers come to grips with Samantha Armytage’s shock decision to walk away from Sunrise after eight years, the industry is buzzing with talk of who will replace her.

Insiders suggest a current member of the Sunrise team will likely step up to join Kochie as co-host. Contenders include Natalie Barr, Monique Wright, Edwina Bartholomew and Angela Cox — all worthy candidates.

However, if Seven wants to use this moment to shake up the staid morning TV format, Crikey has compiled a new, slightly more courageous shortlist.

Pauline Hanson


  • Long history of racist, sexist and barking-mad comments so integral to the Sunrise brand
  • Can create social media outrage on command
  • Already knows where to find the make-up and tea rooms; possibly has her own parking spot.


  • Still can’t speak English
  • Sky after dark owns the whole “right-wing clowns talking to themselves” space.

Piers Morgan


  • Long history of racist, sexist and barking-mad comments so integral to the Sunrise brand
  • Knows breakfast TV inside and (more recently) out
  • Well-connected to the royal family
  • Sitting next to Piers would make Kochie appear less like the smug uncle you have to endure every Christmas.


  • His jaw may actually be made of glass
  • His palace connections are only to the royals no one likes.

Eddie McGuire


  • Long history of racist, sexist and barking-mad comments so integral to the Sunrise brand
  • Comfortable asking questions on air (but would to need to stop giving interviewees multiple-choice options)
  • Well versed in making on-air apologies
  • Everyone has a view on Eddie!


  • Everyone has a view on Eddie.

Michaelia Cash


  • Already doing 13 jobs, so one more shouldn’t be a problem
  • Has morning TV hair
  • Passionate about curries and all sorts of fieyoud — a natural for cooking segments
  • Distinctive laugh.


  • May startle viewers first thing in the morning
  • Distinctive laugh.



  • Part of the nation’s rich cultural legacy
  • Installing a churlish carpet off-cut as co-host is good business continuity at Seven
  • Would appeal to political guests who can relate to being manipulated by unseen hands and having to speak the words of others.


  • Outside broadcasts, footwear promotions and dancing segments would be difficult.

Get Krack!n’s Kate McLennan and Kate McCartney


  • Would appeal to a younger, hipper audience
  • Have done morning TV before (at night, on the ABC)
  • They can do fake bonhomie and deathless banter as well as anyone else
  • Cheap AF.


  • Frequently give away the game that morning TV is an appalling vacuous bin fire.

A clone of Kochie

Should none of the candidates above be suitable, Seven could always go to plan B and clone Kochie.

Not only would this be a ratings winner, the on-screen chemistry between the hosts would be amazing because Kochie is genuinely very fond of himself.

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