(Image: ITV Hub /Harpo Productions/CBS/PA)

Just as the Oprah-Meghan-Harry trinity offers the royal family the gift of seeing yourself as others see you, it offers a gift too for the tabloid-frighted worlds of London and Canberra: the realisation that the fear may be real, but it’s not natural.

When Harry said tabloids’ “control by fear” and Meghan said the palace ignored media racism because the family was scared “of the tabloids turning on them”, Oprah mugged a WTF cut-away to make sure no one missed the emphasis: “Turning on them for what? They’re the royal family.”

Maybe the Windsors have a better sense of their own precariousness -- what with the genetic trauma of the first Charles losing his head and the eighth Edward losing his Crown to the outraged mob that’s now mediated through the attention-hungry tabloid media.