The cast of Why Are You Like This (Image: Supplied)

If ever there was a show that would, on the face of it, break Andrew Bolt’s brain, it was going to be Why Are You Like This.

Bolt’s 50-word reaction to the satire of hyperwoke, marginalised and horny 20-somethings was indistinct from his general anti-ABC, anti-comedy tantrums, although there was something special seeing him slash words like “entertain” and “cultural diversity” out of the ABC’s charter to contrast it with the show’s third episode, "D*ck or P*ssy of Colour".

The tragedy is that if Bolt actually watched the show -- nothing in that pithy comment suggests he did more than pop a monocle on iview one night -- there’s an outside chance he’d adore it as (satirically) confirming his worst conspiracy theories about the Other.