Harvey Weinstein (Image: AP Photo/John Minchillo)

Australia is finally having the Me Too moment that was snuffed out by defamation laws a few years back. Journalism is finally doing what it should in this key moment: giving women the platform to tell their stories, providing space for men to defend their reputation if they choose, holding the government to account for its shortcomings.

Yet instead of celebrating this, too many of the industry's old bull elephants are busy huffing and puffing about pile-ons and trials by media and sewer rats on Twitter. They're facing the police inability to convict with a shrugging “what’re you going to do?” helplessness.

Op-ed pages are filled with a moral panic. Apparently an everyday workplace inquiry into a cabinet minister would be a profound risk to our democracy. And it’s not just the usual suspects among the News Corp commentariat blathering that things didn’t used to be this way. Even usually astute political reporters seem to have missed what’s going on.