Brittany Higgins
Former staffer Brittany Higgins interviewed on The Project (Image: Channel 10)

The “workplace culture” in Parliament House has been solemnly acknowledged by Scott Morrison as the reason it is a physically unsafe place for women to work. The prime minister is disappointed to have discovered that the culture is in such a poor state, and has directed that it be fixed.

Cultures, of course, don’t rape women. It was a man who (allegedly) raped Brittany Higgins. The relevance of Parliament House is that he felt comfortable doing it there, even though he had to pass multiple cameras and security guards along the way, leaving a trail even the AFP could probably follow. That says something about the “culture” of the place, for sure.

The culture which has been eluding Morrison is one of impunity. Ignoring his government’s epic fiscal corruption and considering just its sexual misconduct, the prime minister is currently harbouring in his cabinet two ministers accused of grossly inappropriate behaviour. Neither has faced inquiry or consequences. Really it’s the opposite of a culture -- in parliament, nobody faces consequences for anything.