Karen Synon (right) posing with a Josh Frydenberg campaign poster during the 2019 federal election (Image: Facebook)

There's a new twist to the tale we've been reporting of how Liberal Party loyalist Karen Synon came to be appointed to a $500,000-a-year job at the Administrative Appeals Tribunal (AAT) by fiat of Attorney-General Christian Porter.

Synon, we can reveal, publicly supported Treasurer Josh Frydenberg's election campaign for the Liberal seat of Kooyong in 2019. And there's a picture to prove it.

An image of Synon posing with a Frydenberg campaign poster, appears to put her in breach of the AAT's code of conduct aimed at guaranteeing independence. The code says members should avoid any "activities or associations which might undermine public confidence in the impartial performance of their tribunal responsibilities".