(Image: Mitchell Squire/Private Media)

WA Bizarro World Strange things are happening on the other side of the Great Wall of McGowan. With Western Australian Liberals so resigned to a generational wipeout at the hands of Mark McGowan's Labor that they're now just begging voters not to give him too big a majority, the parties appear to be swapping rhetoric.

Opposition leader Zak Kirkup surprised us all by announcing a $400 million renewable energy plan that would see coal phased out. McGowan replied that the Libs' plan would mean "many many billions of extra debt, huge increase in family bills, rolling blackouts across the state and huge job losses". Where have we heard that kind of talk before?

Now, the Libs have pitched fast-tracked new public housing aimed at reducing homelessness. Labor have responded with hammering the uncosted policy as "financially reckless".