Enrique Tarrio, leader of the far-right group the Proud Boys (Image: EPA/Gamal Diab)

Feeling confused about the various ideologies and groups that form the extreme right? If so you’re not alone. Even the experts find it challenging to stay on top of the modern variants and mutations of far-right advocates of hate.

And while the threat is receiving far greater attention from policymakers and intelligence agencies in the United States and Australia, far-right organisations keep investigators on their toes because there’s no one unifying ideology, says terrorism expert and director of research and policy at The Soufan Group Colin Clarke.

The Soufan Group was formed by Ali Soufan, the former FBI
agent responsible for warning of the dangers of al Qaeda in the late 1990s, and
the organisation has spent the past few years warning of the greater risk of
domestic terrorism by far right extremists.