Scott and Jenny Morrison (Image: Facebook)

If the prime minister's wife is going to play a role in the nation's affairs -- including advising Scott Morrison on how to understand the impact of sexual assault on a young woman by imagining it was one of his girls -- then it seems only fair to know what Jenny Morrison brings to the job.

If Jen Morrison is to be a de facto member of the cabinet, what are her qualifications?

Theirs is the most traditional of marriages. Jen's role is clear from the times Scott has invoked her expertise. It boils down to how to look after the family (Jen was said to be out buying jigsaw puzzles last year to help get the family through COVID lockdown) and providing the skills on how to understand the emotional impact of events. Morrison's call on Jen to explain why sexual assault matters to women wasn't the first time he's drawn on the family to personalise the politics.