Mark McGowan Valentine's Day
(Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas/Private Media)

Love is in the post There are few things that bring out the weird in politicians and public institutions like Valentine's Day. Western Australian Premier Mark McGowan, continuing whatever witchcraft has entranced his state, got a seemingly universally positive response to the following:

When we say universally positive, we're talking more than pictures of him with love hearts around his face (although, there were plenty of those) -- one person put together a fawning card that read "I love you like WA loves Mark McGowan", while another got a detailed portrait/tired hip hop joke tattooed on his thigh. McGowan really doesn't have to try anymore, huh?

Meanwhile, Anthony Albanese (the Labor leader Mark McGowan dreams of being during his most terrifying sleep paralysis) continued his crimes against posting, his own message warped through Victoria's snap lockdown (was it even intentionally Valentine's themed? It's hard to tell):