(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

On the hunt Yesterday we all cringed through Greg Hunt's churlish response to Michael Rowland's question about the Liberal logo being affixed to announcements on vaccine distribution. Hunt accused the ABC journalist, a man so deep in the centre he's perpetually in danger of being crushed, of being "of the left". (Perhaps Hunt should look up Rowland's history on Wikipedia?)

But this wasn't the first time Hunt's mouth has gotten away from him. There was the time he had to apologise (six months after the fact) for shouting abuse at the mayor of Katherine, an outburst she described as "misogynistic" and the most unprofessional interaction she'd had with anyone at his level.

Hell, it's not even the first time the Health Minister has turned an ABC journalist’s question into a personal attack. In 2018 he badgered Patricia Karvelas to "stand up for freedom of speech" when she asked questions about his party's views on gay conversion therapy.