Clockwise from top left: Laura Lopez Gonzalez, Elita Barroso Torres, Tomas Rodriguez Ansorena, Paulina Olszanka (Images: Supplied)

Few places in the world have been left untouched by COVID-19. Most international news coverage in Australia focuses on the disastrous responses of the US and the UK. But we're turning our gaze further afield, asking journalists in some of the lesser-reported countries what they’ve experienced covering the pandemic.


Forbes Argentina online editor Tomás Rodríguez Ansorena says COVID was used as a political tool in his country, where there was no political will or ability to control the pandemic. In the midst of an economic crisis, isolation couldn’t be sustained.

As for the impact of the pandemic on journalism, he says it has deepened trends that were under way. One is news outlets chasing clicks based on what does well on social media and search engines: “In that manner, the creation of the new, or the space for what is truly important, is diminished.”