Johannes Leak and Kamala Harris (Images: AAP/Joel Carrett and Gage Skidmore/WikiCommons)

Government pay Leak Why on earth is the government giving Australian editorial cartoonist Johannes Leak $40,000? Twitterer Jommy Tee picked up that the Department of Parliamentary Services has awarded "Johannes Leak Illustration Pty Ltd" a 40 grand contract for "art services".

We asked the department what precisely this involved, but it didn't get back to us by deadline. Nevertheless, we wonder what it was in Leak's sprawling portfolio that got him over the line? Perhaps this depiction of "hypochondriac" refugees being ushered into Australia by leftie do-gooders? Or was it the famed depiction of new US Vice-President Kamala Harris?

A nice Porter Attorney-General Christian Porter was among the Western Australian MPs told to isolate from the rest of the parliament after the state's snap lockdown. Within hours he had been granted an exemption. For what? Only to spout some profoundly nonsensical guff about new High Court judge Justice Peter Steward: