Holey Moley
(Image: Holey Moley/Channel Seven)

Holey moley, Holey Moley Australia (HMA) lost the five metro markets to Ten’s The Amazing Race last night -- 558,000 to 528,000. Nationally HMA won with 811,000 national viewers (down from 935,000 on Sunday night). The Amazing Race averaged 759,000 (720,000 on Sunday night) for another small gain. But it continues to outperform HMA by virtue continuing to add viewers rather than lose them.

That led to the Seven putting in an extra bid for the most absurd ratings boast of the year: “Holey Moley: Boosts timeslot audience 44% in 25 to 54s, year on year”. Errrr... "year on year"? It has only started last week, not in 2020! And remember its debut audience was 1.51 million. Real story is, "Over 700,000 viewers go missing, Seven's search parties come back empty handed".

The Australian Open on Nine averaged 653,000 from 7pm. Nick Krygios’ match averaged 797,000 nationally (605,000 metro, 193,000 regional), according to Nine. Ash Barty starts her campaign today. The Super Bowl averaged 383,000 on Seven and 107,000 on ESPN on Foxtel -- the half time entertainment/ad fest did better with 417,000.