(Image: Tom Red/Private Media)

Ratio of the day There are many things one could accuse Tim "Freedom Boy" Wilson of, but lacking the fortitude to keep posting no matter what isn't one of them. Continuing his anti-compulsory-super campaign -- which we concede might not be the non-starter many on the left assume -- Wilson is accruing a fabulous ratioing for his assertion that it was "Wonderful to be at the local bowls club and be told: 'I’m a Labor man, but you’re right about super -- it should be home first, super second.' If only Labor stopped protecting their faceless fund manager mates & got in touch with their Aussies they’d back." (sic)

Wilson, apparently unperturbed by the fact that absolutely no one believes he was actually approached by a rusted-on Labor voter spouting his own catchphrases back at him, is merrily responding to commenters with links to his website.

But then he's the kind of politician who shares stories which describe him as "the antithesis of what anyone with a skerrick of blood in their veins feels life is all about: the rent-a-blazer with a nine-dollar smile". No such thing as bad press, we suppose?