Liberal MP Craig Kelly (Image credit: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

A series like Crikey's Clown of the Week has two (sometimes competing) duties: to recognise those who go above and beyond in making the world just a little bit worse and at the same time not giving them more oxygen than they deserve.

So it's fitting that our first candidate of 2021 may have have gone the rest of his career without rating a mention -- despite ranking as a worthy winner practically every week since we started handing this thing out.

After all, what have we come to expect from Craig Kelly, a man who first came to prominence by passing on Tony Abbott's best wishes to a group celebrating Croatia's time as a Nazi ally during World War II? A man who told the father of three victims of the MH17 disaster that Russia’s role in shooting down a commercial airliner ought to be “looked over” for the sake of good international relations?