Chau Chak Wing
Dr Chau Chak Wing (Image: AAP/Peter Rae)

You have to admire the editors at Nine. Having just gone down with Four Corners to the tune of $590,000 in Dr Chau Chak Wing’s latest defamation win, they came straight back out yesterday with a fresh swing at him.

Chau is 3-0 in the courts, having settled for $65,000 and an apology from News Corp and winning a $280,000 verdict against Fairfax in 2019. With this latest victory, he’s up nearly a million dollars before costs.

The media’s willingness to keep going after him -- with keen support from members of the Morrison government backbench who have used parliamentary privilege twice to drop extremely serious allegations against him -- is not explicable on any economic basis. He will sue, and so far he hasn’t lost when he does.