Trump supporters gather outside of the Senate chamber after breaching the US Capitol building on January 6 (Image: EPA/Jim Lo Scalzo)

It would seem fair to say that the US hard right is not having a great time at the moment. The wonderful Twitter account @copingMAGA is keeping a record of all the craziest, angriest, butt-hurtiest comments as Trump's army come to terms with the failure of the January surprise -- its belief that Joe Biden's inauguration would be the moment when Donald Trump called in "the storm" and hundreds of progressives would be executed for their pizza-based paedophilia conspiracy. Hey, why were the fences there? Why all the troops?

Hardcore MAGA and QAnon types have since revised that expectation: the storm will now occur in March, the original date of inaugurations as laid down in the constitution. But they're a dwindling bunch.

For many of the Q army, the whole conspiracy has come apart in an instant. "So it was all a hoax" is the tenor of many comments. It's the disappointed tone of people who always knew at some level that it might be -- like a great party with celebs and free booze that turned out to be a rumour. Ah, but the getting there was fun!