Matt Canavan (Image: AAP/Mick Tsikas)

While we're used to the Nationals serving policy fantasies about agriculture -- Barnaby Joyce's delusional 2015 agriculture white paper is fondly recalled -- they're now keen to venture into manufacturing, with backbench coal fetishist Matt Canavan unveiling a paper on Australian manufacturing in 2035.

Canavan is nothing if not ambitious. Noting the long-term decline in manufacturing jobs, he says Australia can create 800,000 manufacturing jobs by 2035 -- "an ambitious but achievable goal". Except, there's barely over 800,000 manufacturing jobs now, so that means a double of the current workforce; to adapt Canavan's own graph, here's what Canavan's proposal looks like:

More correctly, it's an "ambitious but utterly ridiculous goal"; perhaps it's a typo and Canavan actually meant 80,000 jobs, reminiscent of Joyce's trouble with millions and billions.