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The Murdoch media soap opera that is Fox News continues as American viewers desert the right-wing propaganda vehicle now that Donald Trump has gone. We have seen Fox’s numbers weaken considerably from the election on November 3, down roughly 20% from a year ago.

The collapse was amply illustrated in the peak inauguration day figures from 11am to 1pm US Eastern Time on Wednesday. CNN led with 9.07 million viewers, MSNBC was second with 6.14 million and Fox News was a distant third with 2.57 million. Back in 2017 Fox won the day with a record (for a cable news network) of 10.5 million viewers.

And there was another defeat for Trump on his final day in office -- 40 million people watched the swearing on all networks for the half hour from 11.45am to 12.15pm, 1.5 million more than watched Trump’s swearing.