Hobart Hurricanes celebrate victory in the Big Bash League. (Image: AAP/Dave Hunt)

I have a theory about the different coloured garb for the BBL teams. It’s so casual sports fans can tell the teams apart because the game looks the same, match to match, hit, top, giggle, roar, choke, rush, yell, whack, slap, slip, whack, run, scamper, catch, take a wicket (big cheers for that being so infrequent) and then wake up for the post-game chat and realise you should have been watching Bridgerton (again) on Netflix because it is far more interesting.

Last night an average of 599,000 watched one of the Sydney teams play the other Sydney team on Seven (and another 199,000 on Foxtel). The city was convulsed! Traffic stopped for that one! Watching the morning COVID updates from Annastacia and our Glad (sans Dazza) is far more entertaining.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here -- 917,000, beaten from 7-7.30pm again by the ABC News with 947,000. But it was the most watched non-news program and enough to push Ten to a win in total people while the BBL and the news helped Seven win the main channels.