Stan Grant interviews Tim Minchin for One Plus One (Image: ABC)

The real test yesterday wasn't at the SCG, it was deciding whether to give the free to air TV channels the benefit of my time last night. The news won from 7pm to 7.30. 7.30 with Stan Grant was on sufferance, especially when Stan backed up with a One Plus One chat with Tim Minchin. Now who hasn’t seen an interview, chat or hang out with Tim Minchin in the past five years? He’s great, the idea is stale. 492,000 for the hour from 8pm, down from 788,000 for Stan and 7.30. Viewers are discerning.

Then it was back to Netflix and Fran ( I wonder what all those surviving top level TV programmers and executives watch at this time of year? Apart from sport, I bet they don’t watch too many of their Z-class offerings after 7pm). The Big Bash on Seven is no different to when it was on Ten, confected and as interesting as watching grass grow.

The final day of the third Test peaked in session three at 1.14 million as it ran past 6pm and boosted the reported figures for Seven News from 6 to 7pm and then the early figures for the BBL pre-game. I’m A Celebrity on Ten averaged 992,000. It has a new name, I’m A Viewer, I’m Out of Here